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Dermshield Aftercare Instructions

-The Dermshield bandage applied to your tattoo should stay on for 5-7 days

-After this time period, you can remove the Dermshiled in the shower while running warm soapy water through it: Gently wash your tattoo using only your hand and pat it dry with a clean towel. You may notice the tattoo still peeling at this point.

 -Once the wrap has been removed and the tattoo has been cleaned and dried, you may start using body lotion:

  • Apply lotion about twice a day for about a week. Just enough to keep it moisturized.

  • Keep in mind that over applying lotion can cause some people break out so try to not over do it.

  • It is not necessary to use ointments at this point, such as aquaphore, vaseline or A&D. The wound is closed at this point and these might cause you to break out.


  • You will need to minimize sweating while you have the bandage on. Definitely, no working out while you have the bandage on your tattoo: too much sweat buildup can cause irritation around the bandage and might cause scabbing of the tattoo.

  • If you spend a lot of time outside because of work, or have other reasons to think you might sweat too much during this time, healing the tattoo with ointment might be a better option.

  • Dermshield is pretty flexible and sticky and most of the time it will not come off on its own.

  • The tattoo might still bleed or ooze plasma inside the bandage and might cause a small buildup of fluid. This is normal, and different from sweat, and does not affect the tattoo as long as it doesn’t leak out.

  • Sometimes the edges of the bandage might start to roll in but as long as the tattoo is covered and plasma is not leaking out of the bandage you should be okay.


Only Remove The Dermshield If:

  • Redness, itchiness or rashes around the area develop, as this could indicate you are allergic to the adhesive (rare but can happen)(r

  •  The plasma buildup begins to leak out the Dermshield, which can cause bacteria to enter the bandage and develop an infection.

  •  It rolls in itself and the tattoo becomes exposed

  • It gets punctured or cut somehow and the tattoo becomes exposed

  • It starts to slip off and the tattoo becomes exposed

  •  Any other way in which the tattoo becomes exposed

  • If your Dermshield comes off or you have to remove it, please follow the other aftercare instructions using ointment.


Additionally, you can purchase Dermshiled online if you wish to replace it with a fresh piece, although not necessary, unless it comes off.

Do not reapply Dermshiled if you think you might be allergic to it.

To reapply Dermshiled simply:

●  Clean the tattoo with warm water and antibiotic soap

●  Dry it completely with a clean towel

●  Wipe the surrounding area with alcohol to remove any soap or oily residue

●  And apply the new piece

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