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About The Artist

My name is Marlon Morante. I am an artist from Dallas, TX, currently working at Artistic Encounter in Deep Ellum.

I have been tattooing for about 5 years and loving every second of it. Although the majority of my current work is realistic black and grey, I still enjoy tattooing color designs with lots of linework and even black and grey that is not necessarily realism.


I have admired art since early childhood and for the most part I have directed my own learning as an artist. One of my other great passions is oil painting. Just like with tattoos, I strive to enhance my painting abilities with every new piece. I want to be a great painter as well as a great tattooer and I think that pushing myself in both fields has helped supplement the improvement of one another.


In the short time that I have been tattooing, being part of this culture has opened many  doors for me and has given me so much already. I am grateful to be where I am today and I hope to never stop improving. More than anything, I want to bring as much as I can to the tattoo industry and earn the respect of my peers.

ink master tattooer working on hand design
About The Artist
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